About us

About Rocket Fuel Learning International Ltd.

Rocket Fuel Learning International Ltd ("RFLI") is a business, registered and headquartered in Ireland for the purpose of coaching-related activity.

MyStrategy: The Personal Strategy System is RFLI’s core product - a product designed to cut through the overpacked world of ‘content’ and provide individuals with a secure online platform for personal reflection, growth and action.

About Davina Greene

Davina Greene (B.A., M.B.S., ICF, CIPD) is the owner and Director of RFLI Ltd. A professional coach, trainer and consultant, Davina also leads business teams in the corporate world, specialising in Operations, Learning, and Projects. That is: finding things out, and getting things done.

She has spent 20+ years helping build and change international companies – that is, taking big, messy, vague ideas and turning them into systems, processes, and People Development strategies.


  • Through the personal reflection and awareness of Coaching
  • Through the strategic and behavioural frameworks of Leadership and Management
  • Through the order, logic and visibility of Operations and Systems.
  • Through the action- and results-orientation of Project Management

Her core talent lies in simplification and joined-up thinking, combined with a ruthless intolerance of unnecessary ‘noise’ – no jargon allowed, no endless repetition of information, and no creation of multiple processes and terminologies where just one would have sufficed. That’s what you’re getting here: a simplified distillation of best practices from the above disciplines, designed to create change.

About MyStrategy.me

MyStrategy was created because Davina could not find a suitable tool to hold and process:

  • all the key headlines and conclusions from years of coaching, reading, events, and other personal development activities
  • new thoughts and ideas arising on an ongoing basis, and
  • the prioritisation of all such items

And, of course, to fuel Davina’s personal mission: "To equip people to change their own life, or change the world".

It’s really as simple as that!