Your Personal Navigation Hub
Your reflection and planning hub for all areas of life. As your annually rolling roadmap, MyStrategy’s questions will last - only your answers will change. As we say: The project is you.
Model-based Format
Move through Personal Strategy Guidance, Planning and Management sections to build your Personal Strategy. A color-coded model will guide you, with both video and sound files to help.
Simplicity is key. Various approaches from the worlds of coaching and psychology are naturally incorporated here, but through plain English - there’s no psychobabble to be found.
Measured progress
Items such as self-ratings (on traits, obstacles…) and goal progress will be monitorable for progress over time – something random conversations and note-taking simply will not achieve.
Privacy & Safety
MyStrategy is a private space, not a community. Nobody will see, or comment on, your efforts. It will require minimal personal data (for login/ID and key communication purposes only).
The cost of using this system (USD 1200 annually) is the monthly equivalent of one very reasonably priced 60-minute coaching session from a skilled, qualified practitioner. Or a nice meal for two.
Busy people find it hard to fit in coaching sessions. Private people often don’t want to. You can log into MyStrategy any time you want – it’s there for you 24/7.
After one run-through, you’ve likely done more reflection and strategizing than most people would achieve in a lifetime. MyStrategy will then help you monitor if change is happening.
Personal Development or Corporate L&D/Wellbeing
Self-awareness and self-development, project management, strategic thinking, critical thinking, action-orientation, goal-setting, balance, prioritisation...the learning here is endless!