Who is it for?

How does MyStrategy help thee? Let me count the ways...


If you have reached the stage of exploring this website, chances are you’re a candidate! Some of you will quickly know, quite firmly, that MyStrategy is what has been missing from your toolkit. If this certainty hasn’t grabbed you yet, here are some examples to consider:

  • You like the idea. This is the most important point of all. You want to focus on you, learn about you, build a plan for you (of whatever depth you choose), and watch your story build – and keep record of it! Combining Coaching-style reflection with the structure of Strategy seems a logical way to achieve this.
  • You are relatively strong and stable – you know you’re doing ‘OK’, if not ‘Wow!’. You don’t have a tendency to beat yourself up if nobody is there to stop you - in here, it’s just you, so do not enter if it’s best for you not to think unsupervised. You use an email provider for your emails; you use MyStrategy for your ‘life stuff’. Just like you answer your own emails, you answer your own life questions.
  • You want a ‘big picture’ view of your life. You are probably busy, but perhaps wonder if your combined actions add up to enough ("enough" being a thing that you probably haven’t defined yet). MyStrategy helps you think bigger.
  • You already have (or can find) some degree of internal motivation – even if it’s based on nothing more than "If I pay for it, I’m going to use it". It’s nobody else’s job to make your life the best it can be. Commit or don’t start, it’s that straight-forward. This is work, not entertainment (that is, until your actions match your goals and it all becomes great fun!)
  • You’re not a lover of admin, planning etc. Or you simply haven’t been taught – you have drive but no methodology, a hamster stuck going around in its wheel. You are full of ideas, a bit ‘wild’ in your thinking, possibly would be a billionaire by now if your random thoughts could be corralled into a funnel of focussed activity...but that place, until now, has not existed (You’re welcome).
  • You are willing to think independently. These are not quick-fire, ‘pub quiz’ questions - one question could take you minutes, hours, weeks, or months to think about in-depth. Proper reflection is vital (or just go buy another book and feel good about improving the author’s financial life rather than your own).
  • You’re tired of inputs and want to focus on ‘outputting’ for a while. Become the content, work with everything that you already know. Decide! Prioritise! Act! Un-stick!
  • You feel you have more to give, more to demonstrate. The world hasn’t seen the full you yet – if an observer was asked to describe you, they mightn’t quite describe the person you see yourself as or aspire to be. That feels disappointing. Perhaps you don’t even have a full view of ‘you’ yet.
  • You wonder about coaching, not quite ready to sign up to sit with a real, live human being – maybe you don’t like talking, maybe it sounds ‘soft’. Well, here’s a system to challenge you in private!
  • You’d like a firm record of your progress, rather than just dusty old notebooks full of ‘maybes’.
  • You suspect you’re following others’ actions. Friends, family members, colleagues... the Herd Instinct is an undoubtable force.
  • You are interested in taking on a Leadership role, starting a business, or working for yourself, where self-awareness and strategy are vital.
  • You want to look back with no regrets. But you have no idea what you want to do or how you’re progressing. Join MyStrategy and, next time someone asks you what your gravestone inscription/eulogy/mentions in history books/deathbed regrets are going to be (you know, all those immensely chirpy, upbeat things that ‘motivators’ always enquire about to try to get you moving!!?!), you’ll be far quicker with your answer.
  • You would generally like to be a better human being. You’re good but feel you could do better. And it bugs you a little!
  • You need a relaunch. Something happened (or nothing much ever really happened), and you want to draw a line and reinvigorate.
  • You suspect you could be more tolerant. Understanding yourself, and how people can differ, might be useful.
  • You’ve never been taught what a good plan looks like, or been held to one.
  • You’re tired of being caught up in low-level multitasking that keeps you out of trouble but never quite leads to the feeling of a ‘giant leap’.
  • You’re tired of playing a role in other peoples’ plans. You feel like the bumper car that’s constantly being hit. It’s time to regain some control.
  • You’re happy to invest in you. Alternatively, ask your HR team to invest in you. Modern HR demands a "whole person" view of people in the workplace – offer to be the guinea-pig for your employer!


Whether independent Coach or large Corporate, MyStrategy can be highly beneficial. For example:

  • You are a Coach with clients who excel at ideas and enthusiasm, but not so much at planning, organising, remembering, and recording. MyStrategy may be the missing link between talk and action; the guardian of accountability.
  • You are a HR/L&D/Employee Benefits representative. You like the idea of a ‘Coaching’ style of leadership, and of a ‘whole person’ coming to work. You would like to support your employees in self-reflection, self-awareness and personal action-planning for a fulfilling life – if they’re happy, buzzing along, bringing that energy to work, wouldn’t that be beneficial? You also, however, wouldn’t mind your employees learning a little about the structure of a strategy...