Is it Coaching?

MyStrategy is a system-based tool, it is not coaching. Nobody engages with you directly in MyStrategy, exchanging thoughts, noticing your reactions, and adapting accordingly. There will be short, generalised sound-/video-guidance throughout, to kickstart your thinking within each theme, but no direct coaching.

This system permits you to do a very wide review of your world, doing considerable ‘self-coaching’ or ‘coaching groundwork’, so that you can then decide what actions (if any) require the help of a coach or other suitable practitioner. Bear in mind, a good coach will cost USD 100-500 per hour, in general – wouldn’t it be good to have done some solid thinking of your own in advance, to ensure you’re zoning in on the most beneficial topics if and when you decide to indulge in some real, live coaching? In short: Start the Conversation with You.

A Principle of Self-Care is important: if you choose to use this system, you should do so in the certainty that you are feeling strong, ready for action, and able to take responsibility for using this system positively (i.e. to develop yourself, rather than to torment yourself or ‘beat yourself up’). If you can’t do that, this possibly isn’t for you.

You can find more information in the What, Who and Features sections at the top of our main webpage.

How much does MyStrategy cost?

MyStrategy costs USD 1,200 in Year 1, when there is a lot of exploratory work to do across all of the areas of the system – this is the period requiring most significant time and effort, as you learn to navigate both the system and yourself! The price drops to USD 900 annually in Year 2, when much planning has been done and you’re moving towards maintenance mode. From Year 3 onwards, the price is USD 600 annually, as you more firmly enter maintenance mode.

If you are unsure about personal development, or this system, choose a more frequent payment method – monthly, quarterly or half-yearly – for Year 1, until you are sure that it works for you and that you can commit to it (those payment frequencies carry surcharges of 10%, 7% and 5%, respectively). You can then cancel future payments from within the system if it’s not for you.

Payment is performed via Stripe. Your payment details will not be held by MyStrategy/Rocket Fuel Learning International Ltd.

VAT or other local taxes may be applied, depending on your country of residence.

Will I have immediate system access upon payment?

Yes, you will have access to the system immediately, to use as you please. It renews yearly, so you choose whether or not to renew further at that point. You will be reminded in advance.

Will I have to stick to the plans I set?

Not necessarily. Life changes – part of strategy is being able to spot which plans need to change because of changes in the world around you. Or in you.

>The system facilitates that. Nothing in here is a ‘forever’ statement.

Will I be able to generate/print reports from the system?

Yes, reports are under development so that you will be able to take key learnings from the system. First of all, you need to spend some time putting some information in there!

Will I meet other people within the system?

MyStrategy is designed as a workspace for you alone. In the core system, you will not engage with anyone else – you are left to give full focus to your thinking.

Any group area we may choose to make available in the future, in or outside of the system, will operate on an opt-in basis. You will never be forced to converse with any other member, if you prefer a solo approach.

Note: There are currently no formal, authorised groups or meeting spaces related to MyStrategy on social media or elsewhere.

Will MyStrategy provide regular content?

No. The idea is that you become the content.

MyStrategy is not about distracting you with endless new information – MyStrategy is about letting you reflect, using past learnings and things you instinctively know anyway, to make progress without reference to others unless absolutely necessary.

Do whatever reading/listening you need to do to help you think more in-depth about any theme, but don’t do that by default instead of giving yourself credit for all the information and ideas you hold within you already.

How many hours will it take each month?

It is entirely up to you.

Year 1 is likely to require more time, as you aim to cover as much ground as possible in the system. After that, the time required should reduce as you get nearer to ‘maintenance mode’ in Years 2 and 3.

We would recommend that, during the first 12 months on the system, you aim to spend at least 2 hours per month focussing on questions therein. The system is designed for focus, and so you should ideally be somewhere quiet to truly focus on this work. Especially during the early stages, jumping in and out of the system for 2 minutes here and there is not going to achieve much, or permit the required depth of thinking.

Be advised that an important element of the system is to let the questions sink in and give yourself time to process them – this is not a place for fast-paced, off-the-top-of-your-head responses to multiple questions simultaneously. You should be letting your subconscious work on these questions, too, and let yourself notice new things, see the truth of your own behaviours, etc. So you will be working on yourself even when you are not sitting at a computer.

Remember, it is your responsibility, as an adult, to make the most of this. MyStrategy provides the framework, you provide the content – and you should be aiming for that content to be of the highest quality!

Is it a training course?

No, nor is it a ‘qualification’ of any kind. MyStrategy is your personal strategy space – a system-based tool, not a course. You will learn the components of a Personal Strategy, which you can then use for the rest of your life, with or without this system. However, the core purpose of this system is to provide a place for content about you, where you become the project.

You need to be able to switch out of ‘school mode’. Do not expect any feedback about “right” or “wrong” answers. It simply contains “your answers”, and those answers need to make sense to you. As before, only you will see the information you input.

Soon, you will be able to print a document from this system that demonstrates your membership and length of engagement – this may serve as a useful tool, in some circumstances, to demonstrate your investment in yourself and your efforts in relation to self-knowledge and personal development.

You can find more information in the What, Who and Features sections at the top of our main webpage.

Would MyStrategy be helpful for my work?

Sure! In building this system, Davina took inspiration from work areas such as strategy, management, leadership, employee engagement, people development, project management, operations and coaching.

All over the world, companies are rushing aspiring and existing Managers and Leaders into training courses and coaching, desperately needing them to become more self-aware, think logically, have better communication skills and be responsible. You can contemplate your status in respect of all of these things right here and put improvements in motion!

You can find more information in the What, Who and Features sections at the top of our main webpage.

Can my employer pay for my access?

You can certainly ask! It is a valuable tool containing concepts relating to self-reflection, goal-setting, and general strategic planning, and so the mindset you develop as you work through the continuous adaptation of your own strategy would serve you very well in the workplace.

There is currently no company-specific portal for purchases for L&D/Wellbeing purposes, however. This may come later.

Are there certain times when I need to be available?

No. This is an online system: always on, 24/7. Use it whenever you want to. There are no appointments to keep!

Is the system in English only?

The system is currently provided in English only. However, if you understand English, you can type responses in your own language.

Is there a trial version?

No, there is not – the system works based on a Personal Strategy Model, and a minimised/partial version would not serve to aid understanding.

If you are unsure, please choose a more frequent payment method so that you could try the system for a shorter period initially (surcharges will apply – 5%, 7% and 10% respectively, for half-yearly, quarterly or monthly payments). You can then cancel future payments from within the system if it’s not for you.

How long will I be on the system?

Who knows?! This is, essentially, a system that never stops – there is no ending, as such. Renew annually forever, if you wish!

You will be the person generating the content, so use it for however long it is useful, or enjoyable. At each new payment point, simply make a new decision. And remember, if you decide not to continue, it is your responsibility to download your key inputs from our Reports area, first – once you stop paying, you will no longer have access to the system.

Can I use it on my phone?

The system is mainly designed for use on a larger screen, especially as there is some typing involved that would be done more easily via keyboard. Also, the idea is that you are undertaking this work with some focus, and not while on the move.

But yes, you can access it on your phone if you wish to pick up a new question to consider during your daily walk, for example.

Is the system secure?

Every effort will be made to keep your data safe, of course.

From your side, we urge you as an intelligent, responsible adult, to employ common sense when inputting data. We do not ask for any medical information, so do not give us any. There is no need to input the formula for your amazing new scientific discovery, and so on.

This system is not a place for essay-writing. Enough headline information simply needs to be input in such a way that you can understand it again at a future date. Nobody else should be looking at it but you.

Of course, if you forget to log out of the system when you walk away from your computer, that’s not something that we can do anything about (same comment in relation to any app we might eventually develop for your phone)! So, if you want privacy, please also remember to ensure it from your side, too!

In what way will data be used?

Your personal email address, used to register/log in, will be used for important communication. That’s the main thing.

We may, from time to time, pull anonymous cumulative information from the system – interesting statistics from across the entire membership group, to keep you informed and motivated (how many goals were set in the system during the past year, how many goals have been completed this year, how many self-professed “good listeners” we have in the system…)

We may occasionally survey members in relation to a system development idea or a topic relevant to the system. Responses will only be viewed as a cumulative report, and never directly linked to an individual.

That’s about it. Your personal data will be held as securely as possible, and not sold on to anyone else. It is not the intention to push unnecessary communication and marketing your way, from MyStrategy or anyone else – this system is about getting away from distractions, not creating more of them!

Can I give this system as a gift?

You may of course buy the system for another adult, BUT you should talk to them about it in-depth first. Some people are interested in this kind of thing; some people very much are not. This system operates similarly to face-to-face coaching, in the sense that it is only useful if a person is there willingly and voluntarily.

Payments received will not be refunded due to a member’s non-use of the system, so if you are in any doubt about someone’s willingness to persevere on a self-development platform like this, pay monthly!

I have a query about MyStrategy.me. Where can I go to ask?

If you have a query, you can ask on this website via the Contact form.

The only queries guaranteed a response are those submitted via the mystrategy.me website or via email. We will engage with our Social Media pages intermittently for query purposes; responses to all queries raised there are not guaranteed.

This FAQ area will be further enhanced based on queries received ongoing.