The Personal Strategy Mindset

The ‘Personal Strategy Mindset’ is an active, ongoing state of self-knowledge, self-direction and action.

It implies an active involvement in creating one’s own world, to the best of one’s ability. It is primarily driven by an individual’s own reflection, rather than by external forces. It means keeping focussed on what matters – and redefining what matters as time progresses.

Key to the implementation of this Mindset is visibility of information in a simple, centralised location – that is, in the MyStrategy system.

In other words: The world cannot be fully controlled, and does not revolve around you! However, all of us can cut through the daily ‘noise’ and take steps to nudge our own actions, and environment, towards better meeting our needs.

You need to be accepting of your status as a continuous learner, keen to become an expert on you, and agree that nobody else can – or should! - create your life for you. You need to be willing to stop and think for yourself, rather than rushing to be guided by other people, external content, or trends.

A Personal Strategy Mindset requires commitment, authenticity, and dynamism. Anyone can achieve it – the first step is simply choosing to.