See what some of the first users thought:
“I didn’t realise this was what I needed, but it makes such sense when you see it. I look forward to exploring myself further – and revising old notebooks to pull out any hidden gems from my past thoughts – and having a place to store all of that. I think this will give me focus. And I think I’ll feel more well-rounded as a person when I have all this information behind me and understand my own progress.”
“I was a bit scared when I first saw inside MyStrategy, but then I began to understand how to navigate the model the more I clicked around in there. I admit it’s hard to imagine what could be taken out – life is complex! It feels like very valuable content for any individual. I like the idea of having my highest-level and lowest-level thoughts and plans in one place. I like that it’s “peaceful”, without any engagement from anyone else in the system. Sometimes I get stressed comparing myself to other people, and I think this might be the tool to help me stop doing that. I might give myself some credit for my own thoughts, finally!”
“I know I’m a poor goal-setter and I think this is really going to help. I like that it forces me to break goals down, and I already feel my Prioritisation skills are shifting just by understanding what I hadn’t been considering when picking goals. I also love the lists! I forget my ideas, my past wins and all that stuff – I like that that’s all in here. I also like that I don’t need to sit at my PC to work on this – I can grab a question to think about and come back to type in my thoughts whenever I’m ready, 24/7”.
“There are so many useful things in here, but I think I’d pick understanding Obstacles, the Goal-Setting area and the Traits area (in particular, Resilience, which is an area I want to improve) as my personal Top 3. Courses haven’t really worked for me in the past, so I’m looking forward to the fact that this is an ongoing system instead. The ‘Last Questions, Changing Answers’ principle of the system is perfect for me – I want the satisfaction of seeing my own responses to a fixed set of core questions change.”
“I recognise some of this logic from work presentations – Vision, Values, Purpose, and of course Goals – but I like that I can apply them to my own world and also that I can plan for all aspects of my life in here, hopefully finding some balance. I tend to always focus on work and then wonder why I get a bit down and feel a bit unfulfilled. I think MyStrategy will help me make sure I always have some other things on the go and it will be fun to use the Lists, I think. I look forward to knowing me a little bit better soon!”.
“I work with a coach monthly at work, but you could never even begin to cover this much ground with one individual – from the perspective of both the time and money. I like the idea of having this other option, too. I can use it to hit on a wide variety of themes and judge what I can solve myself and what I cannot. I like that there is no pressure and no enforced order to the system. I can use it in a way that fits my mood.”
“My notebooks can finally go in the recycling bin! I’m looking forward to moving information across from paper into MyStrategy and having my key thoughts and plans at my fingertips 24/7.”
“I like this idea of self-discovery and I enjoy how this focuses the mind and makes you decide what is important. “Become the content” is a great idea, I know I’ve taken in way too much personal development content over social media in particular and confused myself at times – the ability to focus on me without interference is a very good thing. Also I know a lot of people I’ll be suggesting MyStrategy to, because they could do with some self-awareness!”